Stirrers & Shakers

Stirrers & Shakers

A range of benchtop lab stirrers and shakers, including

  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Heated Stirrers
  • Tube Rotator
  • Orbital Shakers
  • Vortex Shaker
  • 3D Shaker
  • Incubator Shaker
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Digital Overhead Stirrer

The Digital Overhead Stirrer is suitable for middle and high viscosity liquids or solid-liquid mixtu..


Magnetic Stirrer, Mini, 2500rpm | BT Lab Systems

This magnetic stir plate has a small footprint (63cm2) and is suitable for 250ml flasks and beakers,..


Mixer, Vortex, 4K Variable

A touch to mix vortexer for a variety of tubes and centrifugal tubes.  The compact design and s..


Orbital Shaker, 0-300rpm

Orbital Shaker, 0-300rpm is widely used in coommasie blue dyeing and swaying during decolorization, ..


Hot Plate Stirrer, Multi-position (8 positions) | BT Lab Systems

An 8 position multi-position hot plate stirrer for heating solutions to 120C and stirring up to 1200..


Magnetic Stirrer, Digital Display with Timer | BT Lab Systems

A magnetic stirrer that features a timer feature (1min to 99h 59min) and digital display for speed a..


Smart Mixer, Multi Shaker

A compact mixer with high efficiency and multiple functions. It integrates mixing and shaking with i..


Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate with Timer, Color Display | BT Lab Systems

A ceramic, hot plate magnetic stirrer for mixing and heating solutions to temperatures of up to..


Rocker, 3D

An economical 3D gyratory rocker with perfect 3-dimensional motion for gentle but thorough mixing. I..


Rocking Shaker

FeaturesA benchtop shaker suitable for ambient and incubator incubations. Platform made of ..


Microplate Shaker

FeaturesLED digital display. The simple and easy operation panel can accurately displa..


Orbital Shaker, 20mm Orbit

This Orbital Shaker is compact and amazingly designed. It can be used for virtually any mixing ..


Magnetic Stirrer, Multi-position (4 positions) | BT Lab Systems

A four position digital magnetic stirrer for stirring solutions from 200 to 1,200rpm. The multi-posi..


Mixer, 3D Rotating

The three-dimensional rotating mixer is a uniquely designed instrument, which can mix samples horizo..


Magnetic Stirrer, Multi-position (8 positions) | BT Lab Systems

An eight position multi-position magnetic stirrer for stirring solutions from 200 to 1,200rpm. ..