Why BT Lab Systems?

Whether you want new sterilizers or power supplies, BT Lab Systems is your destination for top-rated, affordable benchtop equipment.


As long practicing scientists, we understand your need for reliable equipment that suits your budget and will never charge you for biotech products we wouldn’t buy or use.


We focus on offering accurate, high-quality lab equipment at low prices, and providing you with valuable information and customer service that benefits your life science research.


We Ensure Accuracy

When it comes to life science research, accuracy has a significant impact on your results, especially if they are incorrect.


At BT Lab Systems, we promise accurate results with our extensive portfolio of superior lab equipment, which includes centrifuges, LED transilluminators, and sterilizers.


We Promise Quality

BT Lab Systems ensures quality with an exclusive selection of industry-leading benchtop equipment.


All of our equipment is manufactured in ISO certified facilities, comes with one-year warranties, and readily adaptable to different voltages and plug types for international compatibility.


As a Geno Technology brand, we also offer biotech products and supplies that are compatible with products from our sister company, G-Biosciences, so you can find everything you need for your life science research. 


We Offer Exclusive Discounts

If you want to maximize your savings, BT Lab Systems is the choice for you. We offer preferred pricing options for non-profit organizations and educational institutions, as well as Lab Start-Up packages. We even have special offers, which we update regularly.


We Share Our Knowledge with You

As former scientists, we provide you with efficient biotech equipment, as well as information that benefits you in the lab.


We offer technical literature such as operation manuals, safety data sheets, and protocols, so you have the information you need to conduct life science research accurately and safely.


We also provide additional online resources, including our blog, where we highlight subjects such as when to use a heat block and the effectiveness of glass bead sterilizers.


We Provide Unmatched Customer Service

At BT Lab Systems, our focus is taking care of you and your life science research needs. If you have any questions about our products or pricing, contact our team of Customer Service representatives online or at (314) 991-6034.