Our History

Who is Geno Technology, Inc.?

Geno Technology, Inc. was created with a vision to simplify life science research. The company was also on a mission to target the key techniques of protein research and discover affordable methods to simplify and improve on those techniques with efficient, reliable science equipment.

More than twenty years later, Geno Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of proteomic science equipment for the life science and biotechnology markets, including consumables, reagents, kits, and other proteomic related products.

Despite expanding into other areas of scientific research, Geno Technology, Inc. continues to simplify and improve protein research techniques with thousands of scientific equipment options from both the G-Biosciences and BT Lab Systems brands.

What is Benchtop Lab Systems?

Benchtop Lab Systems was launched as an extension of Geno Technology, Inc.

Similar to our parent company, we strive to provide additional convenience to customers and carry out the initial goal of simplifying and improving protein research techniques.

Benchtop Lab Systems offers an extensive selection of high-quality, inexpensive science equipment that is routinely used in life science, biotechnology, and proteomic research, including agarose electrophoresis, protein electrophoresis, and Western blotting.

Benchtop Lab Systems also provides scientific equipment for other research applications, including:


Choose BT Labs for Your Science Equipment

At Benchtop Lab Systems, we take care of you and your life science research needs. If you have any questions about our products or how we simplify biotechnology, contact our team of Customer Service representatives online or at (314) 991-6034.