About Us

Benchtop Lab Systems is a Geno Technology, Inc. brand that offers high-quality benchtop equipment at low prices.

We aspire to simplify and improve life science research techniques, which we accomplish with our superior selection of biotech products and supplies for your life science, biotechnology, and proteomic research.

We strive to share our knowledge of life science with and provide additional convenience to educators, academics, and lab professionals alike.


A Full Catalog of Products & Supplies

At Benchtop Lab Systems, we focus on equipment for horizontal agarose electrophoresis, vertical protein electrophoresis, and Western blotting. However, we also offer a full catalog of products in 15 other categories, including:

With our selection of benchtop equipment, you can conduct all your tests and experiments accurately, efficiently, and safely.


Unmatched Reliability, Customer Service, & Pricing

Besides offering a large selection of high-quality, affordable benchtop equipment, Benchtop Lab Systems also promises unmatched customer service by doing the following:

  • Manufacture all equipment in ISO certified facilities
  • Engineer equipment for different voltages and plug types to ensure international compatibility
  • Provide support by Geno Technology, Inc. who manufactures consumables, reagents, and kits for Benchtop Lab Systems products
  • Supply extended one-year product warranties

We make it easy for you to afford accurate, high-quality biotech supplies. We offer preferred pricing options for non-profit organizations and educational institutions, which includes discounts for large and bulk orders. We also provide Lab Start-Up for even more savings.


Your Destination for Benchtop Equipment

At Benchtop Lab Systems, we help you conduct life science research without wasting time, money, or resources. To learn more about our products, contact a Customer Service representative online or at (314) 991-6034.