LED Transilluminators

LED Transilluminators
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Blue Light Transilluminator

The Blue Light Transilluminator is used for the observation of gel electrophoresis. It uses LED ligh..

$729.00 $619.65

Ultra Bright Blue LED Transilluminator

Features​Safer to replace UV Easy for gel cutting: NO need to wear amber glasses Adjustable in..

$1,239.00 $1,053.15

LED Transilluminator, Dual wavelength

Features​Application (In-Cell westerns) as an excitation source Strong R/NIR LEDs for excitatio..


LED Transilluminator, Triple wavelength

FeaturesSafer to replace UV Strong R/G/B LEDs for excitation Triple wavelengths embedded in th..

$1,554.00 $1,320.90