Cell Freezing System

Cell Freezing System

Cell Freezing System

The importance of controlling the freezing rate when working with sensitive cell long term storage could not be overstated.  Reducing the temperature at -1°C is widely accepted as optimal for preparing cells for long term storage.  Previously, isopropanol filled containers were the choice of many researchers to approximately achieve this rate of cooling.  Now, new advances in foam technologies provide scientists with an alternative to Mr Frosty.  The Cell Freezing Device from BT Lab Systems utilize this technology to provide non-alcohol based cell freezing at a rate of -1°C per minute when used in a -80°C freezer.

Reduce Alcohol Cost

The cell freezing container from BT Lab Systems doesn’t require the use of isopropanol, increasing flammable storage space and reducing the usage of a lab consumable.  This not only saves budget but your safety officer will be impressed with your reduction in flammable liquids.


The BT Lab Systems Cell Freezing Device may be purchased at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Optimizing Freezing and Minimize the Effect on other Freezer Contents

The design uses a combination of insulation foam, radial symmetry, and a heat transfer core to regulate heat loss rather than using a large thermal mass (alcohol based freezer). 

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Cell Freezing System

The CellHome Cell Freezing System, in combination with a -80°C freezer or dry ice locker, will ..

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