The CellHome Cell Freezing System, in combination with a -80°C freezer or dry ice locker, will ..
$109.00 $92.65
FeaturesLED digital display. The simple and easy operation panel can accurately displa..
$903.00 $767.55
The glass beads sterilizer has a 8cm deep heating chamber that heats 1.5-2mm glass beads to 100-300&..
$513.00 $436.05
A P2 variable volume pipette for 0.5-2.5µl adjusted with a Click - Stop digital syst..
$188.00 $159.80
A microprocessor-controlled device with highly precise temperature control, making it an alternative..
$753.00 $640.05
FeaturesCan fill 25 ml pipette in under 4 seconds Double Safety valves and filters provide..
$198.00 $168.30
FeaturesSoft force/effortless tip loading and ejection Easily removable & fully autoclavabl..
$458.00 $389.30