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Whether you need new electrophoresis equipment or semi-dry blotters, it can be expensive to buy new biotech products and supplies, especially if you are on a budget.

At BT Lab Systems, we help you save money with our selection of top-rated, high-quality lab equipment at low prices. We offer preferred pricing options for non-profit organizations and educational institutions, as well as Lab Start-Up packages.

Save Money with Our Special Offers
We also routinely offer special offers, so that you can find the equipment you need without breaking the bank.

With our special offers, you can save money on all of the essential benchtop supplies you need to conduct life science research, including electrophoresis gel buffers, mini centrifuges, and magnetic stirrers.

We encourage you to check back often, as we regularly update our special offers to accommodate all of your biotech equipment needs.

To view our selection of discounted products, visit our special offers page.

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Apart from our special offers, we typically offer better pricing than our list prices on multiple item orders and bulk orders.. If you want to learn more about saving money, fill out our quote request form, so we can send you a quote for a specific item or bulk order.

If you have questions about quotes, email us at info@btlabsystems.com or call us at (314) 991-6034.

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As your one-stop-shop for lab equipment, BT Lab Systems provides you with more than electrophoresis gel buffers and sterilizers. To learn more about our products and how we can assist you, contact a Customer Service representative online today!

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Cell Freezing System

The CellHome Cell Freezing System, in combination with a -80°C freezer or dry ice locker, will ..

$97.00 $63.05

Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate, Digital Display | BT Lab Systems

A ceramic, hot plate magnetic stirrer for mixing and heating solutions to temperatures of up to..

$503.00 $402.40

Mini Centrifuge, 7K Fixed with Combined Rotor

FeaturesUses a unique rotor that accomodates all your needs.  The large rotor can accomadat..

$217.00 $162.75

Hot Plate Stirrer, Multi-position (8 positions) | BT Lab Systems

An 8 position multi-position hot plate stirrer for heating solutions to 120C and stirring up to 1200..

$894.00 $670.50

Microplate Incubator, 4 plates

A microplate incubator designed for heating plates up to 70°C.  Ideal for solution inc..

$731.00 $584.80

Mini Centrifuge, 7K Fixed

FeaturesLarge radius rotor with 8 tube holes. The centrifugal force is 1.5 times bigger than ord..

$234.00 $175.50

P100 Pipette, Single Channel, 10-100µl | BT Lab Systems

A P100 variable volume pipette for 10-100µl adjusted with a Click - Stop digital system f..

$167.00 $133.60

Sample Concentrator, 2 blocks, Individually Controlled Needles

This sample concentrator has patented individually controlled gas needles for enhanced control. ..

$1,454.00 $1,235.90

Glass Beads Sterilizer, 300C Dry Heat Sterilizer | BT Lab Systems

The glass beads sterilizer has a 8cm deep heating chamber that heats 1.5-2mm glass beads to 100-300&..

$457.00 $320.00

P1000 Pipette, Single Channel, 100-1000µl | BT Lab Systems

A P1000 variable volume pipette for 100-1000µl adjusted with a Click - Stop digital syste..

$167.00 $150.30

P2 Pipette, Single Channel, 0.1-2.5µl | BT Lab Systems

A P2 variable volume pipette for 0.5-2.5µl adjusted with a Click - Stop digital syst..

$167.00 $125.25

Microplate Shaker

FeaturesLED digital display. The simple and easy operation panel can accurately displa..

$803.00 $562.10

P20 Pipette, Single Channel, 2-20µl | BT Lab Systems

A P20 variable volume pipette for 2-20µl adjusted with a Click - Stop digital system for ..

$167.00 $133.60