Our Leadership

If you need benchtop laboratory equipment that guarantees accurate results, you should buy it from a company you know and trust.


At BT Lab Systems, we understand your life science research needs because we are former scientists with prior experience in the field.


We are also aware of the applications you perform on a regular basis, as well as the benchtop laboratory equipment you need to succeed.


As practicing scientists, we would never charge you for equipment we would never use or buy. Instead, we aspire to share our technical expertise with you, which we accomplish with our selection of benchtop laboratory equipment.


Who We Are

We are dedicated, focused, and experienced biotech professionals. Our leadership is comprised of PhD and Bachelors of Science from life science academia and biotech industries.


All of our leaders have worked in laboratory settings and have previous experience with benchtop laboratory equipment, their uses, and their desired longevity.


What We Offer

At BT Lab Systems, we offer more than affordable, high-quality biotech products and supplies.


Utilizing our experiences, we have assembled a superior line of benchtop laboratory equipment to meet the needs of life science researchers, educators, and biotech professionals.


We have also been responsible for equipping laboratory spaces with limited budgets and grant money.


The BT Lab Systems Team is Ready to Help You

With prior experience in life science research, we can provide you with the benchtop laboratory equipment you need, as well as the knowledge you need. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us online or call us at (314) 991-6034.