Our Mission

Whether you study life science, biotechnology, or proteomics, you need biotech products that produce accurate results.


It would also help if you had lab equipment that you can afford without breaking the bank.


At BT Labs, we are on a mission to provide you with high-quality, essential benchtop laboratory equipment at affordable prices.


How Do We Achieve Our Mission?

BT Labs aims to simplify and improve scientific techniques, as well as provide you with additional convenience. 


We want to share our knowledge of life science with you, which we accomplish with a full catalog of benchtop equipment in 15 categories, including:



We manufacture all of our equipment in ISO-certified facilities, and most of our equipment is adaptable to different voltages and plug types for international compatibility.


We also offer preferred pricing options for non-profit organizations and educational institutions, as well as special offers and Lab Start-Up packages to maximize your savings.


We Know the Science Industry

Life science research can be challenging, mainly if you have limited time, money, and resources.


As long practicing scientists with academic and biotech backgrounds, we understand your need for reliable equipment you can afford, and we would never charge you for products we would never buy.


At BT Labs, we only want to offer high-quality benchtop equipment we would use. We also want to provide you with the technical expertise we would expect as customers.


Our Mission is Serving You

Apart from biotech equipment, BT Labs also provides you with unmatched customer service. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us online or call us at (314) 991-6034.