Homogenizers & Tissue Grinders

Homogenizers & Tissue Grinders

We offer fixed speed and ranged speed homogenizers for ease of use with your tough samples.  Our ranged speed option offers 3,000-8,000 rpm and our battery powered option is fixed at 13,000 rpm.  Replacement pestles for homogenizers and grinders are also available.

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Homogenizer, Adjustable , Handheld, LCD Display | BT Lab Systems

This motor driven homogenizer has an adjustable speed between 3,000 and 8,000rpm and a proprietary c..

$676.00 $574.60

Pestles for Tissue Grinder

Replacement tissue grinder pestles for BT701 Tissue Grinder ..

$47.00 $39.95

Homogenizer, Battery Operated, Handheld | BT Lab Systems

This tissue homogenizer features a lightweight (0.15kg/ 5.2oz), handheld design and uses a battery-o..

$224.00 $190.40