Quality Equipment

At BT Lab Systems, we do more than sell scientific supplies. We provide you with quality, reliable lab equipment that suits your life science research needs and your budget.


As practicing scientists, we understand the benefits of accurate scientific supplies, which is why we provide you with a full catalog of high-quality products. We even offer key products in the following categories:


Electrophoresis Equipment

We offer an extensive portfolio of scientific supplies for all of your electrophoresis experiments and tests, including high-quality electrophoresis equipment, devices for horizontal agarose electrophoresis and vertical protein electrophoresis. We also sell electrophoresis cells for nucleic acid sequencing.


Stirrers & Shakers

BT Lab Systems offers a superior selection of benchtop stirrers and shakers. We sell both multi-position stirrers and stirring hot plates, which work well for high-efficiency experiments and multi-channel stirring. We also offer temperature-controlled benchtop shakers such as rocking shakers, shaking incubators, and microplate shakers.


Cell Freezing Systems

The CellHome Cell Freezing System is perfect for the cryopreservation of most cultured cell lines. The system utilizes a combination of insulation foam, radial symmetry, and a heat transfer core to regulate heat loss rather than a large thermal mass.


As a result, freezing profiles are incredibly consistent from one run to the next. Due to the low thermal mass, the system does not cause a rise in local freezer temperature and protect nearby samples in the freezer. The low thermal mass also means the system will rapidly return commercially available cryogenic storage vials to room temperature.



We offer sterilizers that are safe and simple to operate, including the safe infrared sterilizer, dry heat glass beads sterilizer, and the 15cm chamber glass beads deep sterilizer. We even offer replacement heating elements, which come with a 6-month warranty.



At BT Lab Systems, we sell both single-channel and multi-channel pipettes for your scientific applications, including the P10 pipette and the 0.5-10µl 8 Channel pipette. We also offer an exclusive pipette controller, which comes with Double Safety valves and two different speed modes.


Scientific Supplies for Your Other Research Needs

We offer additional products routinely used in life science, biotechnology, and life science research, including:



Choose BT Lab Systems for Your Scientific Supplies

With scientific supplies that are safe to use, you can find everything you need at BT Lab Systems. To learn more about our products, contact our team of Customer Service representatives online or call us at (314) 991-6034.