Liquid Handling Vacuum Pump, 42L/min

Liquid Handling Vacuum Pump, 42L/min

The Liquid Handling Vacuum Pump, 42L/min is mainly used for separation of culture fluid and culture tissue after biochemical culture, extraction of cell culture waste liquid, and suction of various waste liquids in the laboratory. It serves as the best experimental assistant indispensable for the laboratory aseptic workstation.


  • Pumping filter brackets are equipped on both sides of the instrument, easy to store and select the suction filter accessories.
  • Standard equipped with multi-function suction filter handle and five kinds of suction head accessories (Cat # BT1803-A, BT1803-B, BT1803-C, BT1803-D, BT1803-E, BT1803-F) to meet more requirements of suction experiments. 
  • Sealed waste liquid bottle cap design, quick insertion sealing joint, convenient to get out of the fuselage bottle and clean up waste liquid.
  • Normally open control mode and foot switch (Cat. # BT1803-G) control mode to meet experimental requirements. 
  • Waste liquid bottle, suction filter fittings and dish filter can all be used for autoclave sterilization.
  • Liquid level protection switch in the waste liquid bottle to prevent the waste liquid from overflowing and being sucked into the pump chamber to ensure no troubles in suction filtration.
  • A PTFE dish shape filter between the bottle and the pump to protect the environment from harmful gas pollution.
  • The self-locking quick connector can be quickly and easily separated from the pipeline, which is convenient for safely cleaning the waste bottle.
  • Built-in high-quality oil-free vacuum pump, no maintenance, low noise and long life. 


  • Max. flow rate: 42L/min
  • Vacuum degree: -0.08Mpa
  • Vacuum display mode: Vacuum gauge
  • Negative pressure adjustment range: 0~-0.08Mpa
  • Waste liquid bottle capacity: 2500mL
  • Foot Switch: Yes
  • Voltage : AC220V/AC110V 50/60Hz
  • Power: 140W
  • Fuse: 250V1A,φ5x20
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 248x475x350mm
  • Net Weight: 9.2 kg

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Product accessories (see related products)

Cat #  Name Material   Quantitity 
BT1803-AHandheld Operator POM   1
BT1803-BPlastic eight-channel retractable tip extraction headPOM   1
BT1803-C Stainless steel eight-channel extraction headPOM+ SUS3041
BT1803-D   Plastic single channel extraction head POM 1
BT1803-E Plastic single channel retractable tip extraction head POM 1
BT1803-F   Stainless steel single channel extraction headPOM+ SUS3041
BT1803-G  Foot Switch (only forBT1805, BT1806, BT1807)Aluminum1

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